Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence Services and Solutions

Codekit Express develop AI Services for Developing Edge Analytics platform, Quantum Computing Solutions and Next Generation Industry Leading Products.

Software Testing at Speed & Scale

Benefits of Codekit Express artificial intelligence is that it enables fast, accurate testing that improves the process to such a degree that bugs are fixed before a product is released, shortening the development process and ensuring a higher-quality end-product.

Strategic decision-making

Codekit Express AI analyzes the performance of past and existing projects. Thus, AI-enabled platforms gain experience from the past mistakes of the project. It aids development teams to identify design loopholes and maximize risk assessment.

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Codekit Express Driving Business With The Use Of Artificial Intelligence

AI Based Solutions for Enterprises to perform Real-time analysis on videos, images and information as they are streamed.

Quality Assurance

Codekit Express Provides Text-Image Analytics Solutions for Enabling Enterprises to derive actionable insights from Images, Videos and to increase business efficiency.

Developing New Era of Retail

We offer End-to-End Analytics strategy for enabling Behavior Detection, Zone Management and Tracking.

Data Analytics

Codekit Team develop an application and test it with samples using only a local machine. Then we execute this application on much larger data on a cluster

Face Detection & Object Recognition

We can build AI face recognizer for automatically generating a log of personalities in a picture which can be utilized for legal enquiries.