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Codekit Express (Private) Limited is incorporated accordance to the rules and regulations of the Republic of Zimbabwe (Act 24:31) with the aim to provide Software Services to meet the requirements and the standards of the currently prevailing fourth industrial revolution to our various stakeholders. 

Our Core Values



Personal Development


Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a pivotal company in designing and producing brilliant and innovative technology that will boost the levels of confidence of clients about technologies built in Zimbabwe and Africa at large, through display of great competency and
quality to solve everyday problems in most effective way possible.

Our Mission

To be a leading software development company in the region providing reliable, affordable and secure technological solutions.

Quality Products

We strives to make products which are not only geared to meet the user’s needs but also have an extra touch of quality and innovation that will make them go an extra mile in terms of delivering result to the users, making them the most cost-effective and most user-preferred products

What We Actually Do

Codekit Express is the partner of choice for many of the national’s leading enterprises. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services. 

Our Journery

CodeKit Express has a wonderful story to share to you about how it was formed

A Passion was Discovered

A group of young people burning with a passion to change our country met and pondered how they can change positively to the countries growth

Technology is the Answer

We agreed and set our minds  to change people's lives and solving people's problem by the use of better and efficient processes through the implementation of software development and technology.

Our Story Begun

From there we never stopped changes lives, shaping business, and ultimately building the nation through building technology

CodeKit Express Today

Now when we look back, we have helped a lot of companies to establish better and efficiency business process through the implementation of technology

Commonly Asked Questions

Our methodical approach is focused on revealing the essence of each design challenge to allow us.

Codekit Express Company provide our clients across the globe with offshore development services including Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Desktop Application and DevOps & Cloud Solutions. Learn more about our services here.

We provide a comprehensive service level agreement, which guarantees the level of support from the moment your solution goes live. This includes team knowledge retention, background system maintenance and general user software support.

Codekit Express follows a standard procedure in this regard. As soon as a change request is submitted, it is first confirmed by the client, and an impact analysis is performed. We get back to the client with altered deadlines and estimation of charges.