Data Migration

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Data Migration Services

Whether it is moving to cloud or transferring data from legacy systems to new advanced ones, Codekit Express team of experienced software professionals can assist you with a full range of services to address the issues related to migrating volumes of application data from one platform to another.

Data Migration

Data Migration Services of Codekit Express is a key element to adapt to a new system. We consider both data volume and data value before taking any strategic move with different tools, data adaptors for offshore data/ technology migration services across various database platforms.

Application Migration

We re-engineer and modernize your old legacy systems and put life into it. If you have an existing application with critical business problems, coded in an uncommon language and you hardly get support for it, we got your back! Migrate to the latest framework of your choice in a planned process with us!

Codekit Express brings your business together to plan, track, and collaborate on any project — all in one place.

Technology and Data Migration Services

Codekit Express performs full migration of your applications, software, web apps, websites, and other digital solutions through our services. We can smoothly transform product backend too.

Cloud Migration

Our Team can leverage the potential of big data by moving your assets to the public, private, or hybrid Cloud environment.

Digital Product

Codekit Express assures you to perform the full migration of your product to the technology and platform you want.

Web App Migration

We take care of your bandwidth, performance, and functional needs alongside maintaining features and data of your web entity as is.

Database Migration

We can transfer applications, databases, websites, IT infrastructure, etc. between servers.