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Modern UI

All of our web development incorporates the latest modern UI trends, so that your web app have the modern look and feel


We use modern frameworks like Bootstrap which is one of the top recommended Web App front end framework, that gives your web application, a rich and modern UI.

Responsive UI

With the edge of mobile, our web apps are design with the multi-device access in mind so that users enjoys the experience whether on tablet, phone or desktop screen


All of our web-applications have multi-platform support, which you can host in your own server, be it linux, iOS or Windows

Application Security

Our web apps are highly secured and protected using the latest web security recommendations

After Service Support

CodeKit Express, have a dedicated team that is there for you to give you after-service support

Top Web Development Services

We can help you with a web design that will boost your conversion rate, gain you visibility and build trust among your visitors. We will create a website design that will be totally complimentary to your brand’s prestige.

Fully Responsive

Device Testing

Clean & Modern

Great Experience

Web Development Procedures

The process are as follows that create a fully functional customized web applications.

Frontend Development
Back End
Application Integration
Hosting Management