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A Plus School

Welcome to A Plus School dashboard! To take a step-by-step tour of the dashboard features, please read on for a detailed description of what you can do in each section of your dashboard.

  • Manage Students
  • Manage School fees
  • Manage School Staff
  • School Details

How does it work

Student Management

A Plus School is a solution tool created by Codekit Express that is designed to track, maintain and manage all the data generated by a School, including the grades of a student, their attendance, their interpersonal activities records, etc.

It acts as the bottom line database to store all the day-to-day school operations, maintain the proper records of the past few decades, regulate the various operation modules, managing the critical tasks, efficiently handling the administrative processes

School Fees

A Plus also consist of fully customized school fee platform, collection parameters to suit your needs. Keep track of student fees as they are made. Enable online payments to further automate the collection process. Send notifications before fees are due and to defaulters. The system  also automate generation and delivery of receipt & other acknowledgements.

School Staff

The system keep tracks on staff members at school. it records the I.D ,Position name as well as the date when the staff is added in the system. It also contains data of each and every department and the head of department.

Codekit Express came up with this platform in order to keep track of every individual at school.

Our Happy Clients

Our Pricing Plan


Basic Pack

  • Customization of the school’s theme colors to the system
  • School logo to be inserted on the interface

$199Per Month



  • Customization of the school’s theme colors to the system.
  • School logo to be inserted on the interface.
  • Other Customizations as per the request of the.

$199Per Month


Premium Plus

  • Customization of the school’s theme colors to the system.
  • School logo to be inserted on the interface.
  • App Customization.
  • API integration.
  • Support Services.
  • XD Designs.
  • System Documentations.

$199Per Month


Custom Package

  • Additional modules to the system at the discretion of the school.
  • Creation and generation of new ideas that may be added into the system as additional modules.
  • Comes with everything in all the other packages.

$199Per Month